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Light weight

Aluminum gates are easy-to-use home gates. Because the material of aluminum is lightweight. Easy to use answer Convenient to open and close and can install a variety of additional equipment


Water resistant, won't rust.

Choose to use aluminum. It has very outstanding properties. Alufence gates are resistant to all weather conditions. Especially during the rainy season Does not decay easily


The color of the wood grain looks natural.

When the color of traditional aluminum Make the house look solid Let's take a look at the realistic wood color. It is the most beautiful wood pattern aluminum in Thailand. Make the house look warmer and more livable.



ALUFENCE Aluminum Fence Gate Innovation from Australia Resistant to all weather conditions And it is a material that requires little maintenance. Light weight has a positive effect on the structural system and is safe. Answer users' needs It also makes the house remain beautiful for longer than it used to be.



ALUFENCE aluminum railing For decorating houses and buildings Can be used in a variety of ways both inside and outside the building. Can prevent heat from entering the house or building very well. and is also durable for use Will not rust throughout its lifespan.



ALUFENCE aluminum railing It is strong and durable. The assembly system is a screw type. no welds Make the installation work complete. There are many styles to choose from. The whole railing is a lattice type. and glass railings



ALUFENCE aluminum facade For decorating tall buildings Outside the building, you can switch between different box styles. Not only does it add beauty to the building. But it also prevents heat from entering the building very well. and is also durable for use Will not rust throughout its lifespan.

พื้น Aludeck


ALUFENCE aluminum floor It is designed for decorative work. Both inside and outside Long service life Does not break and decay, does not rust, endures sunlight, rain, color does not fade, can be used to decorate the poolside area. Resistant to chlorine corrosion There is a floor adjuster and edge retainer. Makes installation easy. few steps Supports the weight of up to 3 trees/square meter. Accumulates less heat than other types of flooring materials. and good heat dissipation

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