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Wood Pattern Aluminium Floor 

ALUDECK Aluminum wooden floor

Designed for both interior and exterior work, long service life.time Does not break and does not decay, does not rust, can be exposed to sunlight and rain. The color does not fade, can be used to decorate the poolside area, and is resistant to chlorine corrosion. There is a floor adjuster and edge retention, making it easy to install in just a few steps. Can support weight up to 300 kg/sqm. Accumulates less heat than other types of floor materials. and good heat dissipation.

Strong, durable, not rusty

With the properties of aluminum, it will not rust throughout the service life. Able to solve the problem of deteriorating materials, decay and fracture.

Can support up to

300 kg. / sq m.

Profile Aludeck is designed to have a 2-layer hollow for strength. It has the capacity to carry up to 300 kg./sqm.


Resistant to UV light

good heat dissipation

With the process of coloring and wood pattern, the material is resistant to sunlight, rain resistant, color does not fade and with the properties of aluminum. Heat will dissipate better than various floor materials.



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