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Alufence exterior aluminum casement doors , beautiful, modern, suitable for every home. Because Alufence aluminum casement doors use all aluminum materials. As a result, it not rust, resistant to sunlight and rain, can be located in front of the house or a spot that needs to be exposed to the sun and rain. It can also be made into the same pattern as the sliding gate. For beauty customers can set it to open in or out for suitability. Comes with handles and standard installation equipment. Double lock system connected with handles with keys and elephant ear door lock. Increase the security of your home. There are more than 40 shades of colors to choose from. 10 year warranty.


Single door

Recommended size: width 0.90 m. height 2 m.

Double doors

Recommended size: width 2 m, height 2 m.

casement in sliding

Recommended size: width 0.90 m. height 2 m.


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